Why Buy Refurbished?

Why Buy Refurbished?


What is “Certified Refurbished”?

There are lots of things that can label items “Certified Refurbished”. Some are so frivolous, it’s laughable. But because consumer laws prevent manufacturers from selling anything considered factory refurbished as “new”, the second consumer gets the best deal. We are contractually obligated to label all as being “refurbished”, many of them are brand new with only minor cosmetic blemishes.

Here are a few examples:

  • Most major retail stores offer a 14 day money back guarantee on their products and there are those consumers that just simply take advantage of that. These items are returned to the manufacturer, inspected and repackaged like new.
  • Appliance retail level cancelled orders we receive truckloads throughout the week. All units are inspected and graded on site.
  • Items where the box or casing was damaged in shipment, which are returned to the manufacturer.
  • The item was returned to the manufacturer because of a slight defect. The part that was defective was replaced, tested and then repackaged.
  • The item was returned because of a minor cosmetic blemish on the casing.
  • The box was simply opened. That’s it!
  • Brand new overstocked items are also sometimes labeled as refurbished.

It is impossible to know the history of each item, but for whatever reason the unit gets labeled factory refurbished it is inspected & serviced by the manufacturer then tested and repackaged to meet original product /specifications.

Why should I buy refurbished equipment?

Refurbs save cash! Why hesitate getting the best value by getting the exact same equipment, with a warranty that is comparable or better at a much lower price:

If you couldn’t afford that expensive item till now – NOW you can with a refurb! And still get the same performance.
Refurbished items have a much lower defect rate. From 10 units that come back for repair only 1 is usually a refurb, because refurbished units are tested before they are sold.

Bottom line, if all the benefits of buying a refurbished product are the same as a new one even the warranty, the only “drawback” you would notice is probably a little label that says “Refurbished” on the outside of the box or back of appliance.

Not only will you save money, you are helping the environment at the same time!